Q Bacter

Organic Bactericide by Biological Control


Q-Bacter is a product made from four strains of beneficial bacteria (genus Acetobacter) that eradicate health problems in plants by biological control, caused by pathogenic bacteria. The product provides the necessary health of agricultural crops and forestry.

Q-Bacter has excellent control against diseases caused by bacteria in the leaves, flowers and fruits of the plant, as well as excellent antibiotic properties against pathogenic bacteria present in soil and substrate, for example Clavibacter sp., Pseudomonas sp., Xanthomonas sp.

For adequate control of soil diseases, it is important to have good agro management, in addition to an excellent application program in which it is often recommended to apply the product

Q-Bacter provides natural bio-stimulants to the root of the plant that help promote rapid root development. In addition, if employed in a preventive manner, the product helps avoid attacks to the root system of pathogenic organisms.

Q-Bacter can be used in early stages of plant development to promote rapid and healthy development of the crop. It is recommended to strengthen the implementation of Q-Bacter during flowering and fruit set.

Application Rate: 1.0 quart with 50 gallons of water (0.64 fl oz per gallon) at first signs of pathogen appearance or weekly as preemptive measure.

Ph: 5.5 a 6.5 - Presentation: 1 gallon (3.785 lts), 32 fl oz (946 ml)

Composition: Consortium of bacteria belonging to the genus Acetobacter: 100,000 CFU/ml



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